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The name's Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, better learn it quick, because the next time you hear it I will kill you.

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↳ Episode 166: Desperate Effort VS Desperate Effort! The Hollowized Ichigo

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True confessions of Pantera, Grimmjow’s zanpakuto


As requested by anon. :) And also duende71. ;)

Previously Nnoitra’s zanpakuto, Santa Teresa, gave us the skinny on Nnoitra and herself (yes in Bleach Lists, Nnoitra’s zanpakuto is a woman). Now it is time for Pantera to tell us some things about Grimmjow that only his soul would know!

  1. When Grimmjow first became an arrancar, he visited his soul world and met me. Our fight was awesome.

  2. Sometimes Grimmjow visits me, just so that we can fight. 

  3. For some reason, these fights always seem to be interrupted by something.

  4. Grimmjow has very bad luck with being interrupted. 

  5. Of course, there’s another reason that Grimmjow likes to fight me: he’s really into self-destruction.

  6. As a (big) cat, Grimmjow needs frequent naps. 

  7. His favorite place to sleep is sprawled on the floor of his palace, in the sunlight.

  8. Sometimes he steals reports from Ulquiorra and sleeps on them. This makes his naps even more comfortable and he doesn’t know why.

  9. Grimmjow doesn’t use hair gel. He does, however, use spit to style his hair.

  10. You might think that wouldn’t work, but you have to remember: cat spit.

  11. When Grimmjow is stressed, the cheek underneath his mask itches. It is very unpleasant for him.

  12. Shawlong once bought Grimmjow toothpaste so that his mask could be nice and shiny.

  13. Grimmjow yelled at him for it.

  14. But he did in fact use it. And yes it made his mask teeth gleam.

  15. Grimmjow secretly cares about his fracciones. I know because when something happens to them, it gets pretty rainy here in the soul world.

  16. As a cat myself, I HATE it when it rains here.

  17. The next time Grimmjow visited me after losing his fracciones, I greeted him by punching him in the face. Because seriously it had been raining for days.

  18. What makes it stop raining in Grimmjow’s soul world? Fights. Fights always brighten his day.

  19. Even I don’t know why Grimmjow decided to carry Inoue to Ichigo in a sack when she was perfectly willing to come along. 

  20. But I suspect it involves “bad interpersonal skills.”

  21. Grimmjow doesn’t understand his feelings for Ichigo, but he hopes that he can fight his way through them.

  22. Sometimes he mutters about Ichigo in his sleep, and it’s annoying.

  23. When Grimmjow evolved into a humanoid form, the first thing he noticed was what awesome abs he had. 

  24. He vowed on that day to never wear a shirt.

  25. Grimmjow was given cat nip on only one occasion (Gin was involved).

  26. That was also the occasion on which Grimmjow was introduced to a laser pointer.

  27. He chased that thing for like an hour.

  28. Grimmjow likes to think of himself as a loner, but he’s really not.

  29. Like, not only did losing his fracciones sadden him, but he also likes working for people, secretly.

  30. It gives him somebody to rebel against.


Grimmjow and Orihime ❤
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