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The name's Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, better learn it quick, because the next time you hear it I will kill you.

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Close enough

A Birthday present for Shadowthorne
10/11/14  *:・゚✧*:・゚HAPPY BIRTHDAY *:・゚✧*:・゚
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Pantera-san ☆ Bleach | マクロ [pixiv] 

If Orihime and Grimmjow were locked in a room…


As requested by fateh-black. :) And also blackmoonwhitesun98. ;)

[Need more of this series?]

Grimmjow: Hey.

Orihime: Grimmjow!

Grimmjow: Yeah, it’s me.

Grimmjow: So this is weird, huh? 

Grimmjow: The two of us together? Me with both arms? You not tied up and in a sack?

Orihime: And both of us *in* the room! Not me inside and you frantically waving a hand through the door trying to get in like an desperate kitty!


Grimmjow: Yeah. Like I said, weird.

Orihime: I’ve actually been meaning to ask you for a while now…why did you tie me up like that? You were taking me to heal Kurosaki-kun. I would have gone willingly!

Grimmjow: I figured you’d get in less trouble if it looked like you were forced to go.

Orihime: That’s so sweet! Really?

Grimmjow: NO!

Grimmjow: I had the rope and the sack and the plan, and I wasn’t gonna NOT use them!

Orihime: So you’re bad at switching plans, huh?

Grimmjow: I prefer to think of it as always following through.

Grimmjow: Like, if I decide to destroy someone, it doesn’t matter if I lose an arm or get demoted or am not strong enough to defeat him!

Grimmjow: I’m not gonna stop trying!

Orihime: That’s pretty inspiring!

Orihime: In, you know, kind of a sad way.

Grimmjow: Sad?

Orihime: Don’t get me wrong! I think I sort of understand!

Orihime: I want something from Kurosaki-kun too, and I don’t know when he’ll ever be ready, but that doesn’t mean I stop trying!

Grimmjow: Did you just compare my desire to kill him with your desire to date him?

Orihime: It’s not like the fans don’t equate the two. A lot.

Grimmjow: Ew.

Orihime: In their defense, you do scream his name a lot.

Grimmjow: Platonically!

Grimmjow: Anyway, enough about that jerk!

Grimmjow: There’s something else I need to say to you!

Orihime: W-what’s that?

Grimmjow: Your new outfit is cool.


Orihime: What?

Grimmjow: Yeah! I always think people should wear as little clothing on their upper body as possible.

Grimmjow: If your stomach doesn’t get to breathe, then it’s not a happy stomach!

Orihime: You, um, don’t have a stomach. Just a hole.

Grimmjow: So you see why I might want people to treasure and show off theirs!

Orihime: T-thank you!

Orihime: I like your new look too!

Grimmjow: You can’t say that. My face hasn’t appeared in the manga yet.

Orihime: Which has to mean that you have some kind of cool new look, right?

Grimmjow: It better!

Grimmjow: Although if Tite Kubo just likes to piss off his fans…well, I get that too.

Grimmjow: Still, I damn well better show up soon!

Grimmjow: It’s been ages!

Orihime: What are you planning to do when you show up?

Grimmjow: Eh. Kill Kurosaki probably.

Orihime: What if he’s in the Royal Realm and there’s nobody around but Quincy?

Grimmjow: Then I guess I could kill them.

Grimmjow: They piss me off too.

Orihime: See…this may be why Urahara hasn’t let you come to Soul Society yet.

Grimmjow: What the hell are you saying? “Let” me?

Grimmjow: You think some stripey shopkeeper can control ME?!

Orihime: He can if he uses duct tape!


Grimmjow: Fucking duct tape.

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Ichigo & Grimmjow Fight Commentary


As requested by duende71. :)

On DVDs, there is often an extra that consists of commentary by the director and some of the actors. In this list, we are going to imagine that Ichigo and Grimmjow recorded a DVD commentary for their first fight. Because sure they did. Here’s how it might go!

Grimmjow: Fuck yeah! Grimmjow’s on the scene!

Grimmjow: Look at how cool I look when I first arrive!

Grimmjow: THAT’S how you do a swagger!

Ichigo: Didn’t really notice the swagger much, to be honest.

Ichigo: I was more, “Oh shit, his hair is a primary color he must be important.”

Grimmjow: Um, you could tell I was important by the SWAGGER.

Ichigo: And there you are with the asshole “Who’s stronger?” question.

Ichigo: I mean, dude - could you really not tell?

Ichigo: Are you bad at sensing spiritual pressure like me?

Grimmjow: No!

Grimmjow: I asked so you’d know that strength was all I cared about!

Grimmjow: I didn’t want you to think I was attacking you ‘cause you were special or something.

Ichigo: Weren’t you literally there because you were mad that Ulquiorra didn’t kill me?

Grimmjow: See? This is exactly why I asked the strength question. You get a big head really easily.

Grimmjow: Ohhhhhh shit there I go ripping out Kuchiki’s stomach!

Grimmjow: Classic moment!

Ichigo: Grimmjow, did you attack her ‘cause you were mad that she killed your fraccion?

Grimmjow: What, no? I’m not soft like that!

Ichigo: I don’t know that I’d call it “soft” to rip out your enemy’s stomach because you’re mad that she killed your underling…

Grimmjow: Heh, look at how mad you are though! You’re like running at me like a cat that just saw the laser pointer that killed its family!

Ichigo: What

Grimmjow: Ha ha! And look at the way I just fucking catch your sword!

Grimmjow: Man, you suck so much in our first fight!

Ichigo: It’s called development, Grimmjow. 

Ichigo: I always do poorly in my *first* fight against a big opponent, but in the end I always kick their ass.

Ichigo: You know, like I did for you later.

Ichigo: Hey look, it’s my bankai!

Ichigo: Man, talk about nostalgia! My bankai looks so young!

Grimmjow: Young?

Ichigo: Maaaan, you’re grabbing my zanpakuto with your hand AGAIN?

Ichigo: You’re way too into grabbing my sword, dude.


Grimmjow: Am not.

Grimmjow: I just wanted to throw you into some fucking buildings.

Ichigo: But it turns out I’m fast, huh?

Ichigo: Look at how surprised you are when I appear behind you!

Grimmjow: Yeah, that’s not much of an accomplish when I’m still blocking your zanpakuto with my bare skin.

Ichigo: Which you have so much of.

Grimmjow: What

Ichigo: Aaaaand there you go punching me in the head.

Ichigo: For like five minutes.

Ichigo: It’s just like - dude, overkill much?

Ichigo: My brain isn’t my biggest asset, you know. Don’t you think it was a little much?

Grimmjow: What are you talking about? It was fucking hilarious!

Grimmjow: I couldn’t believe how long you stayed standing!

Grimmjow: It was like having a human punching bag!

Grimmjow: Oh, this is my favorite part! Me kicking you up into the sky and back down, like you’re a freakin’ hacky sack!

Ichigo: Really? ‘Cause my favorite part is when the smoke clears and you see me down there and I fire off my getsugatensho.

Grimmjow: Dude, WHAT is going on with your eyes?

Grimmjow: One of them is starting to turn black! Look at that!

Ichigo: Inner hollow.

Grimmjow: See, that’s weird.

Grimmjow: And didn’t do you much good anyway.

Grimmjow: Look at how unfazed I am.

Ichigo: You have a giant scar!

Grimmjow: Meh.

Grimmjow: Oh fuck I hate this part!

Grimmjow: Cock-blocking Tosen Kaname!

Grimmjow: “Oooooh you snuck out and lost all of your fracciones!” Like I should be ashamed of showing some initiative! 

Ichigo: Hey, I was frustrated too, man. I hate not finishing fights.

Grimmjow: I would have killed you if we had finished.

Ichigo: People often think so.

Grimmjow: Anyway, I’m done commentating now.

Ichigo: What? You don’t want to do the part where your arm gets cut off?

Grimmjow: Not so much, no!

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Grumpy cat 




Touch what is mine and I won’t even try to make your death look like an accident (◕‿◕✿)



……… is Grimmjow there yet?

//been a very long time since the last I read BLEACH-

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