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The name's Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, better learn it quick, because the next time you hear it I will kill you.

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Bleach x Haikyuu!! crossover

missminabee sent:

Grimmjow wearing your clothes and sleeping


mmmm..not sorry

If the espada gave Orihime “villain” lessons…


As requested by anon. :)

Orihime wants to learn how to be a villain! You know, just to see what it would be like. For some reason, all of the espada have agreed to help her. Each of the espada will give her a lesson in something villain-related. What lesson will each of them teach?

1. Grimmjow: How to do an evil laugh

Grimmjow: Remember: use your diaphragm. 

Grimmjow: Show plenty of teeth.

Grimmjow: And then laugh like you’re soaking in the blood of your enemies!!!!

Orihime: HA HA HA HA HA HA

[room shaking]


Grimmjow: Have you done this before?

2. Aaroniero: How to emotionally manipulate people

Aaroniero: Me, I like to turn into someone they loved and then guilt them into killing their friends.

Aaroniero: You’ll have to do something slightly different, I guess.

Orihime: Oh! So, like, I could point out that you’re the only non-vasto lorde espada and the weakest (since Yammy is secretly strong) and that everybody talks smack behind your back! 


Aaroniero: Well you don’t have to be mean.

3. Nelliel: How to torment your colleagues

Nelliel: Being a villain doesn’t just mean that you target your enemies. Anybody can do that.

Nelliel: To be all that you can be, villain-wise, you have to torment your colleagues too.

Nelliel: Personally I like to find something they are secretly ashamed of (like being weaker than a woman) and then just, you know, never let them forget.

Orihime: Hmmmm… that would be like getting Ishida a “ALMOST the Last Quincy” shirt?

Nelliel: You’re weirdly good at this.

4. Ulquiorra: How to give ultimatums

Ulquiorra: Threats are easy. Ultimatums are where the true villain shines.

Ulquiorra: The secret is not to give any choice.

Ulquiorra: Just state what you want.

Orihime: I DEMAND that you give me a high-five right now!


Ulquiorra: We will continue working.

5. Barragan: Minions

Barragan: Villains should not care about their minions.

Barragan: Insult them, abuse them, send them to their deaths…

Barragan: And don’t give it another thought.

Orihime: Can I make them sandwiches for the road?

Barragan: ….no.

6. Szayel: How to make traps

Szayel: If you want to be more than a thug, then you need to show off how much more intelligent you are than your enemies.

Szayel: Personally, I think traps are the best way to do that.

Szayel: A good, elaborate trap shows off your intellect and takes care of your prey!

Orihime: Can there be lasers?

Szayel: I like the way you think!

7. Nnoitra: How to be known

Nnoitra: If people haven’t heard of you, then you suck as a villain! You want EVERYBODY to know your name!

Orihime: So should I put up posters?

Nnoitra: Villains do NOT put up posters.

Orihime: I have a glitter pen though.


Orihime: So you’re more of a paint guy?


8. Luppi: How to taunt

Luppi: Taunting your enemies is very important!

Luppi: It has to be classy, yet intimidating!

Orihime: Yeah, when Grimmjow killed you without any taunting, it was super lame!

Luppi: We will not be talking about Grimmjow!!

9. Zommari: How to seize opportunity

Zommari: Basically, if you see an unconscious enemy, you should just kill them.

Zommari: It’s an efficiency thing.

Orihime: Wow! That IS evil!

Zommari: No. Efficient.

10. Halibel: Dealing with an evil boss

Halibel: The thing about working for an evil organization is, your boss is also evil.

Halibel: That does not always create the best working environment.

Orihime: So basically you want to make sure you’re the HEAD villain?

Halibel: Exactly.

11. Yammy: Crushing your enemies into powder

Yammy: I don’t really get how the rest of this shit is important.

Yammy: Just crush your enemies into powder!

Orihime: Um I don’t have a secret giant form.

Yammy: And you want to be a villain??

12. Starrk: How to sleep at night

Starrk: Some people find that it is hard to sleep at night, after doing evil all day.

Starrk: Not me. I sleep super well.

Orihime: Wow! How?


Starrk: I think the secret is to die inside.



     You can go fuck yourself. 

Are you mad now, baby?


hey this is your friendly reminder to never apologize for your muse being a sexual creature, or for them NOT being a sexual creature. don’t ever apologize for not writing sexual scenes for whatever reason, and don’t ever apologize for doing so and liking it! sex is apart of human nature ( including the lack of interest in it ) therefore you never have to apologize for incorporating it into your character however you chose to.

be unapologetically non-sexual.

be unapologetically sexual.



     And give you a free pass? You must be desperate.”

So desperate that I have chosen you


     Judging him hardcore.


     I am not shy.

Prove it.”

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